What To Do – My Cat’s Throwing Up Hairballs!

Toby, my precious cat was very particular about grooming itself; the latter course of action did much more than continuing to keep Toby to appear superior.

Not only had it maintained wholesomeness in its skin (by motivating the creation of sebum) but had served to make its fur oily, water-resistant and glossy. My Toby had its personal grooming habit, which commenced with stroking itself with its tongue, cheek, and body hair in that order; it was pursued by every one of its shoulders and forelegs. Toby would subsequently bathe both of its sides and rear legs, the private parts, and after that, it’s appendage from end to stern.

my cat toby

Toby would utilize a clammy forepaw to cleanse its face, head, and ears and would humidify it again by stroking itself with its tongue after each smack. During the process of grooming, Toby would habitually gobble up miniature forms (similar to hooks) on his tongue alongside deadly hair. Given, I wasn’t much well-informed about feline psychology or behavior, so when one day, I noticed Toby miserably heaving and retching, again and again, I became much distressed and rushed it to a Vet. The latter told me that Toby was suffering from a possible life- intimidating obstruction in its gut.  Toby had to undergo a few investigations after which I was told that it would need immediate surgery. When I enquired the Vet about Toby’s diagnosis, he told me that a hairball having the dimension of a baseball had got stuck in his gut.


Well! To cut the long story short, Toby had to tolerate lots of discomfort and agony even post-operatively before being discharged from the Vet clinic. When I took him for its first follow up visit, the Vet told me to pursue some straight-forward preventive remedies to avoid any such mishap in future.

I am going to reveal those remedies to you:

  • Comb off any free hair on its fur/ Preferably get it proficiently brushed up
  • Routinely give it viable hairball antidotes (which enclose non -edible oils/petroleum jelly with a flavor that gives pleasure to cats such as tuna) on a daily basis for few weeks.
  • Always give your cat a high-fiber diet
  • Avoid giving it empty calories
  • Let your cat exercise regularly
  • Include a teaspoon of olive oil to your cat’s rations once every week


In essence

Following that visit to the Vet, I started loving Toby more than ever and started spending more and more time with it; very soon I realized that the time spent with Toby was never squandered and now Toby has become a part of my soul.

a cat eating a rabbit

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