The Obsession with Cats

If you haven’t noticed in today’s day and age, cats have been very popular. I’ve seen the popularity jump up when I was in middle school. I remember seeing one day, five different people in five different locations wearing the same cat shirt. I always thought large shirts with cats on them was simply a fad. Fads are common for middle school kids to become obsessed with. Perception is a big thing for middle schoolers. If you aren’t in with the “cool” crowd than your basically a no body. Sometimes kids have a difficult time dealing with certain crowds and cliques. In ¬†middle school and high school, many times kids have a tough time dealing with kids that think their cooler or better. Going to school should never be a competition, where kids feel nervous or scared of dealing with kids.

To be honest, this fad obsession with cats and cat shirts is weird. It’s very strange when people gravitate towards cats or other animals for clothing choices. The same people that were wearing cat shirts everyday in middle school, ended up finding other pieces of clothing to wear later on in high school. Cats are an interesting animal to choose to wear as a clothing design everyday, compared to other animals but I guess people enjoy it. I love cats and everything about them, but to other people it might seem strange to be wearing cat shirts and pants all day everyday. I’m all about making fashion statements, but I always thought people should leave out cats when it comes to expressing your artistic side.

cute cuddling cat

Some people like to listen to cat sounds as music daily. As amazing as it is, when you hear a cat purrrr, it shouldn’t be something your always looking to listen to over regular music. This cat obsession isn’t entirely bad, it just can turn a little weird quickly if your not careful. I’m all for having cats as pets, but when you get to the state where all you think about, listen to, speak about, and see is cats something may be wrong with your life.

I’ll never forget my old neighbor growing up. When you think of people with obsessive behaviors and tendencies, my neighbor had a bad problem with cats. My mother had a tough time with cats, because she was allergic. My neighbor’s cats were often times the constant beef between the two of them. To be honest, it was fascinating to see all the different cats with all the different colors. My neighbor had cats with black, white, gray, and brown fur. My younger sister became too obsessed with cats when she was in grade school. I remember one time in middle school my sister went so far as to do a project on cats for biology. Out of all the different potential interesting topics in biology to choose from, she chose cats. Don’t get me wrong, she got an A on the assignment, but there were plenty of other subjects to choose from that would entertain the classroom and professor.

fighting cats problem

Cats are the best part of any pet owners day, especially coming home from a long, busy day at work. When it comes to pets to have in your home, cats are the best in my personal experience. If you’ve ever looked at cats or taken the time to observe the way cats move, you will be astounded at how majestic they truly are. There’s something about cats that makes me excited, but not to the point where I want to repulsively want to where, see, listen, and feel cats all the time. I’m sure if you look up different cat obsessions in the urban dictionary you will notice how many people comment and post phrases about cats. It is interesting to see online, how forums, blogs, and websites on cats are taking over a lot of people’s lives. Don’t be that obsessive person though. Don’t let cute cats run your life, cuddle with them. There should be a line where you stop, and think if your going overboard with cats.

cute cat cuddle by fireplace

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