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cats of the world  The cats of the world are grouped together in two different categories:

One group of cats, the Pantherinae, are primarily the big cats, like the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopards.

felinae catsThe other group of cats, Felinae, does include a wide range of cats, from small cats like domesticated cats, to medium, like fishing cats, to larger cats like the cougars and cheetahs.

Just like all other animals, cats went through many stages of evolution to get to their current state of a diverse population of species. It is believed the first cats come from Asia and then spread out to the other continents in the world when water levels were lower, continents were closer, and there were land bridges that connected the the masses of land. As some species of cats remained in Asia, some others migrated and reached Europe, Africa, North America through the Bering land bridge, and then migrated south from their into South America. From there, as the different cat species became accustomed to their new environment, they underwent changes and mutations and eventually separated themselves from the other species of cats. Cats now appear on every continent in the world except Antarctica, Australia, and just the island areas of Asia.

All cats are naturally carnivores and eat mostly meat for survival. They will do so hunting for a vast realm of food. Bigger cats will go after bigger game like ungulates, but like other cats, they won’t hesitate if they can get fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

margaray catAs is quite obvious, cats are incredibly athletic species and flexible in nature all across the board. Most are adept climbers and have natural instincts to be well aware of what their bodies are capable of.

Just about all cats have fur. Depending on the species, it can vary from a plain coat, spotted coat, striped coat, among many different patterns.

Cats rely primarily on their eyes for hunting and survival purposes to better use their other physical characteristics to catch their prey.

Most cats live as isolated species or in very small groups. Lions are known to form prides though, and although they are social creatures, there is much variance in characteristics and social contact between cats of the same species, and those of other species. Some big cats in particular will hunt out other smaller cat species to preserve more of the hunting for their own.

cheetah marking territoryCats will spray using their urine to mark their territories. This is to show other cats that this is their territory and they should not intrude or else face the consequences of the kitty wrath.

As we dive into this kitty blog, we will talk about the different types of felines that make up all of the different types of cats in the world. Cheetahs, lions, tigers, jaguars, cougars, lynxes, leopards, ocelots, and domesticated cats, they are all fair game here at 

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