Sprinkles, My Little Kitty

Following the departure of my first apartment when I left Mermaid and my buddies behind, I moved into a small small one bedroom house in Berkeley, CA. While it wasn’t one of the biggest cities in the bay area, it was still a very populated city where practically the entire landscape is made up of buildings, streets, parks, and a rolling landscape that backs into the Berkeley Hills. There are a ton of trees planted everywhere in my neighborhood, and it promoted the liveliness of a ton of wildlife in the area. For me, it was perfect, I loved the area. That is, until the fall and winter came.    

The weather in the bay area becomes cold and rainy, and all of the rodents that would be living outside started trying to get inside my house where it was dry and warm. Rather than invest in hiring a rodent control professional or set up mice and rat traps myself, instead, I adopted Sprinkles the cat.

sprinkles the rodent killer

I picked up sprinkles from the local SPCA. She was a spotted black and white cat with some hair missing down her spine. She has been eating her hair, and I assumed she had some sort of oral fixation. I figured she could help with my rodent problem so I picked her up that day to take her back to my crib. As soon as I brought sprinkles into the car I could tell she loved affection. She responded well to my touch and seemed very pleased to have a new person that specifically took care of her in her life. The whole drive home she tried to sit on my lap and rubbed her body against me the entire way.

Once we got to my house, I took a risk and wanted to see how she behaved once we got there. To my surprise once I opened the door of my vehicle, she didn’t Dart out like I had assumed that she would, but rather waited for me to get out of the vehicle before she walked next to my feet up to the door. I think I had lucked out with a very obedient cat that seemed happy just to have a new place and a new companion.

cute killer

Once we got inside I introduced her to the rest of my house where hilariously so, she started marking her territory. Why didn’t I pick up a litter box first thing. I sighed, and grabbed Sprinkles, put her back in the truck with me, and we went to PetCo to pick up some kitty products. We got her a litter box, a collar with her name and my phone number engraved into, a scratching post, and a little kitty play track.

Once we got home, I wanted to test just how obedient she was, and again, I opened the door of my truck without grabbing her to see what she would do. She must have just loved having an owner because again, she waited until I got out of the truck and then jumped out right next to me. Something told me she must have seen some obedient dogs in my her day because she sure acted strange for a cat.

tabby cat

On our way to the door, Sprinkles saw a rat that scurried from one bush to the next, and she froze. I stopped as well, and gave her a look that implied that I wanted her to go after it. Sprinkles got real low, and started to sneak toward the bush. We could see the tail of the rat that thought he was hiding well, but Sprinkles jumped toward him, and bit him in the back of the neck killing him. As she sat there eating the rat, I walked up to her and pet her as she feast. I could tell immediately from the first day that I was really going to like this cat.

sprinkles the cat

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