Crazy Cat Wife

After moving out of my home and into my first apartment, I hadn’t had much of a connection with many cats before. I had a cat that I loved, but after only a year I gave her to my next door neighbor. Once I met my wife, my life was cats. The first time I hung around her place, I was introduced to more cats in a single home that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was greeted more by the cats than even her. To make a long story short, we quickly fell in love and our wedding was the same year that we met.

wedding catsHer 6 cats were a seemingly major part of her life, and her lack of family at our wedding was replaced with the presence of her surprisingly respectful kitties. Her father passed away when she was younger, and instead of having another man walk her down the isle, all 6 of her cats pranced next to her as she strolled towards me smiling with our San Francisco wedding photographer capturing seemingly every moment through this crazy ordeal. Once she arrived to me, the cats didn’t know what to do with themselves. While the bridesmaids and groomsmen remained stationary, the cats decided that they had better things to do than sit around and wait, so they proceeded to walk around, greet some members who were onlooking, and explored the location. I’m proud to say that our wedding was wild!

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I Love Dogs Too

Throughout my childhood my family had always been a dog family. We had 3 dogs and I was raised to love the canines for more than I had cared for the felines in the world. What I loved about my dogs was the unconditioned loyalty that I was shown by them throughout my entire existence. My dogs were my best friends growing up.

 flat coated retrieverMy first dog that I had was a brown, long haired retriever named Bodie This dog was actually a member of my family earlier than I was. My dad had gotten the dog while he was in college before he met my mom. As they grew together, fell in love, got married, and had their first child, which was me, Bodie did his part in raising me as a member of the family.

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The Cats

cats of the world  The cats of the world are grouped together in two different categories:

One group of cats, the Pantherinae, are primarily the big cats, like the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopards.

felinae catsThe other group of cats, Felinae, does include a wide range of cats, from small cats like domesticated cats, to medium, like fishing cats, to larger cats like the cougars and cheetahs.

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