I Love Dogs Too

Throughout my childhood my family had always been a dog family. We had 3 dogs and I was raised to love the canines for more than I had cared for the felines in the world. What I loved about my dogs was the unconditioned loyalty that I was shown by them throughout my entire existence. My dogs were my best friends growing up.

 flat coated retrieverMy first dog that I had was a brown, long haired retriever named Bodie This dog was actually a member of my family earlier than I was. My dad had gotten the dog while he was in college before he met my mom. As they grew together, fell in love, got married, and had their first child, which was me, Bodie did his part in raising me as a member of the family.

As I left the crib and moved into my own room when I was a toddler, it seemed that Bodie decided to follow me into my room. As a caring and responsible guardian in the early stage of my life, Bodie made sure to keep me company as a young boy. It may have been my parent’s doing simply because instead of sleeping alone in my room, I had a buddy to keep watch over me, protect me, and comfort me. I’m sure it kept me quiet compared to the nights when Bodie wasn’t sleeping in my room, so my guess would be that they encouraged him joining me for my nighttime slumbers.

Some of my earliest memories of childhood involve Bodie. To this day, I still somewhat remember these simple minded dreams I used to have as a kid where i would be being chased in a forest down a dirt road by a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. I would wake up very frightened from this false experience and luckily Bodie would usually be sleeping by the foot of my bed. I would crawl out of bed and spend the rest of the night on the floor sleeping on his belly because i knew body was there out of love. I could always count on that dog to be around.

brown hair retreiverSadly, I only got to live the beginning of my life with Bodie, and he wasn’t around for too long past my toddler years, but his presence was very instrumental in my early development in life. He was my first friend in life, and it set me on the path of having an unconditional love for just about every dog that i would encounter for the rest of my life, particularly the dogs that reminded me of Bodie. He got along with all people, all dogs, and even cats. Although my dad let me know that he never liked cats, I think I have a profound acceptance for cats because Bodie showed me that he had no ill will against cats unlike many dogs. Although I never had a cat in my house in childhood, I accepted them, and it was all thanks to Bodie.

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