Crazy Cat Wife

After moving out of my home and into my first apartment, I hadn’t had much of a connection with many cats before. I had a cat that I loved, but after only a year I gave her to my next door neighbor. Once I met my wife, my life was cats. The first time I hung around her place, I was introduced to more cats in a single home that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was greeted more by the cats than even her. To make a long story short, we quickly fell in love and our wedding was the same year that we met.

wedding catsHer 6 cats were a seemingly major part of her life, and her lack of family at our wedding was replaced with the presence of her surprisingly respectful kitties. Her father passed away when she was younger, and instead of having another man walk her down the isle, all 6 of her cats pranced next to her as she strolled towards me smiling with our San Francisco wedding photographer capturing seemingly every moment through this crazy ordeal. Once she arrived to me, the cats didn’t know what to do with themselves. While the bridesmaids and groomsmen remained stationary, the cats decided that they had better things to do than sit around and wait, so they proceeded to walk around, greet some members who were onlooking, and explored the location. I’m proud to say that our wedding was wild!

Following our wedding, I began moving into her home while we looked for a bigger home for the both of us. I had primarily just been living in small little homes, but following our wedding day, I braced myself to move into a house occupied with seven different animals, including my wife. I grew up in a home with 4 dogs and three other family members, I assumed I was familiar with living in a house with as many life forms as this, but I gotta say, cat living is totally different than dog living.

cats on the couch

I had lived with a cat for a short time while I was living at my home in the bay area, but it only lasted for a few months before my neighbor’s little daughter become her best friend and became their kitty. Up until this point, I had only considered one cat to be my pet, now I had six.

To say the first month was hectic was a massive understatement. While all the cats were potty trained, respectful, and didn’t make too much noise, I was surprised to realize how much my life was now consumed by the cats. Every time I sat on the couch, one or two cats would jump up on the arm and proceed to walk at the top of the couch often rubbing it’s body up against me. This was fine and all and I usually reciprocated the affection, but sometimes I wanted a little bit of peace, and other times, I would simply just be tying my shoes before I went to work or out for drinks with friends. It was rare for me to leave the house without some cat hair on me. It actually became so common that I started to budget for lint rollers that I would have to be keeping in my car before I left the house.

I never once complained about the cats to my wife knowing that we would soon have a bigger place and there was more of an opportunity for some isolation once we moved out, but I’ll be honest, sometimes I would spend an extra long time in the bathroom away to get away for a bit.
4 catsbrother sister catsI had come to find out that there were two sets of family cats consisting of a brother and a sister cat and 4 other cats who were also siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Every now and then, it seemed there was either drama within the
family or between opposing families and they would occasionally start yapping at one another. It never came to the point of them getting into a scuffle, but every now and then I would be woken up from a slumber between some cats squealing at one another in our bedroom.

After about 3 months dealing with this, we finally were able to move into a much bigger house with more bedrooms. We created a cat room from the kitties where they could finally be spending their time playing, exercising, relaxing, and yapping and be out of our hair a little more often, and I finally became a little more free from their hair.

I love my wife, and I love all of her cats, and I wouldn’t change anything about my life. But just as a forewarning, if you meet someone who has anymore than the six cats that we have, I would recommend you pass that person up and keep your eyes on the lookout for another suitor.

too many cats

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