Cleaning Up After Cats

All cats, like all people, shed skin cells naturally, and these are usually washed away when bathing, or in the case of cats, naturally work their way out of the coat as part of shedding and the rigorous grooming routines that most cats follow.

orange kitty

Seeing the odd flake of dandruff on the surface of your cat’s fur is not cause for concern, and when you part your cat’s fur down to the skin, you may identify the presence of tiny white skin cells that have not yet worked their way out of the coat.

This is one indicator of problem dandruff, and another is seeing significant amounts of dandruff present on the surface of the fur, or within the tines of a brush or comb used for grooming. Dandruff, and exactly how much of it is present, is much easier to spot on dark coloured cats than light ones, and so if you have a light coloured cat, try brushing them and then holding the resulting cluster of hair up to the light to identify the quantity of flakes within it.

My dear catto Goldie has been a significant component of our family for the last one year; ever since she became a part of us, she had always maintained good health to such a degree that at all times, her coat had its distinctive gloss and radiance.; however for the last few days, my cheerful and entertaining Goldie was no more full of pep and even her fur was becoming lackluster in effect and craggy to stroking, day after cat

Why was such a thing happening?

What had occured to my dear catto?

I was really anxious !

I decided to seek advice from my neighbor, Jennie (who seemed to have a quick fix for all problems across the globe.)

After examining my Goldie cautiously, she declared that the catto was going through the agony of  too much dandruff!

She further asserted  that organic oils were being soaked up into her skin, from her coat!

“ My goodness, what to do?” I shouted out

“ Have you been washing your Goldie unreasonably ? ”

My answer was in affirmative

“ Have you been feeding processed food to Goldie? ”

Before I could answer her query, Jennie interrupted me as if she was not in the mood to listen to me.

Given below is an excerpt of what she communicated to me:

“A proportional nutritional therapy is one of the most favorable therapy for cats with flakes. Because flakes may be brought about by sensitivities to various processed foods therefore, it is better to give unseasoned food without synthetic preservatives. Complement its food with a tablespoon of olive oil.”

orange stray cat

“If you learn to adopt this practice occasionally, it would go a long way to  assist the skin of the cat as well as the condition of its hair by provoking organic oils in its skin.”

“But Jennie ………..!,”

I was about to say something but Jennie was not in the mood to listen to me and remarked, “ Hush” and resumed vocalizing.

“Vitamin A assists to take care of healthful skin. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash are wonderful supplies and can be easily be shredded into Goldie’s edible material.”

“ Vegetative home therapies will maintain health and nourishment of Goldie’s skin by holding up creation of organic oil creation. Herbs like dandelion and horsetail perform as adequate restorative of tissues besides sustainment of hydration in the skin. Don’t forget to disentangle Goldie on a consistent basis; this will  arouse blood dissemination in its skin. And  mind you! don’t overlook to make it moistureless after cleaning it because leftover part of  shampoo  can dehydrate the skin and induce dandruff; that’s it !”


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