5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

Five Life Lessons I Learned from My Cat

When someone gets their first pet, cat or dog or whatever else, it’s a test of sorts. An exercise in responsibility. Can you take care of another living thing? Can you clean up after it? Even if, say, it pukes all over your couch and you only notice once you’re heading out the door, late to a shift? Sadly, I’m speaking from experience on that one. Ah, cat puke, the best way to start your day.

cat puke on the sofa

At least it wasn’t my bed. Though I’ve probably gone and jinxed myself by putting that out into the universe.

Cats really are a learning experience, both in the mopping-puke-off-your-couch way and in other, less tangible ways. There’s a lot that they can teach us with their particular style of living. I’m going to attempt to avoid anything too sappy for everyone’s sanity, but please forgive me if I do venture into nauseating territory. I have a big soft spot for the crazy little furballs.

  1. The squeaky wheel does, in fact, get the grease.

caat tunaOr the tuna, but whatever. All I know is that when I’m eating and my cat plaintively taps me with his paw, I’m done for. He gets a bite. Or a few. Maybe try this one at the office. Ask for that raise, or something. Be advised, however, that the adorable little animal factor probably helps on this one. Remember to be professional, and don’t tap anybody with your…er…paws.

  1. You are a king/queen and you deserve all of the pampering.

Cats think they’re the greatest things to set foot on this earth. All of them do. It’s a fact.Maybe it has to do with cats being treated highly in Ancient Egyptian societies, I mean getting entire scultpures made of half man half cat sort of things, And, it’s said that Ancient Egyptians societies were the first humans to fully domesticate cats. The first domesticated cats probably thought they were so dope compared to other animals that the humans allow them such a nice life compared to this fighting for survival in the wild. A little bit smug personality if I must say so myself.

  1. Life happens, and it can get messy.

cat barfingSometimes it throws up on your couch. Literally, or figuratively, or maybe even both. But are you going to let it sit there and leave a stain? Even if you’re running out the door? Of course you aren’t. You’re going to gag a few times, but you’re going to clean that sucker up.

(Yeah, I’m still a little sore about that one, but I can say I learned something.)

  1. People and cats all love differently.

This is a good one for friendships, or relationships. Everyone, just like every cat, has different styles of showing their love and appreciation. And the times they want to be shown these things can differ too. Sometimes, when you want to smother that person (or cat) with attention, they’re not having it. And then later, perhaps at 3 am, it’s on. Wet cat nose in your face. Or stiflingly hot human cuddles when you want to be sleeping. Take your pick.cat bothering


  1. Loving somebody can definitely be worth it.

Whoops, some sappiness leaked out. It’s true though. Coming home to someone (or more than one person/animal!) who unconditionally loves you, and who you love in return, is the most wonderful feeling. Whether they’re two-legged or four-legged, it’s a worthwhile emotion. And, bonus: that unconditional love always trumps my frustration at finding cat litter kicked all over the place.

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