Sprinkles, My Little Kitty

Following the departure of my first apartment when I left Mermaid and my buddies behind, I moved into a small small one bedroom house in Berkeley, CA. While it wasn’t one of the biggest cities in the bay area, it was still a very populated city where practically the entire landscape is made up of buildings, streets, parks, and a rolling landscape that backs into the Berkeley Hills. There are a ton of trees planted everywhere in my neighborhood, and it promoted the liveliness of a ton of wildlife in the area. For me, it was perfect, I loved the area. That is, until the fall and winter came.    

The weather in the bay area becomes cold and rainy, and all of the rodents that would be living outside started trying to get inside my house where it was dry and warm. Rather than invest in hiring a rodent control professional or set up mice and rat traps myself, instead, I adopted Sprinkles the cat.

sprinkles the rodent killer

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Cleaning Up After Cats

All cats, like all people, shed skin cells naturally, and these are usually washed away when bathing, or in the case of cats, naturally work their way out of the coat as part of shedding and the rigorous grooming routines that most cats follow.

orange kitty

Seeing the odd flake of dandruff on the surface of your cat’s fur is not cause for concern, and when you part your cat’s fur down to the skin, you may identify the presence of tiny white skin cells that have not yet worked their way out of the coat.

This is one indicator of problem dandruff, and another is seeing significant amounts of dandruff present on the surface of the fur, or within the tines of a brush or comb used for grooming. Dandruff, and exactly how much of it is present, is much easier to spot on dark coloured cats than light ones, and so if you have a light coloured cat, try brushing them and then holding the resulting cluster of hair up to the light to identify the quantity of flakes within it.

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Safari Expedition

Following my first year of college, as a family, we had decided to take our first expedition out of the country and go on a safari tour of the sub Sahara desert in Africa. During this expedition, our goal was to see some big cats and hopefully catch sight of some in the midst of a hunt. My mother and father had not been domestic cat fans in their life, but they certainly had an admiration for the big cats of Africa. After watching a lot of Planet Earth after I left for college, they seemed to really want to see some cats on the hunt, and so we traveled to Africa and commenced on our expedition.

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