Sprinkles, My Little Kitty

Following the departure of my first apartment when I left Mermaid and my buddies behind, I moved into a small small one bedroom house in Berkeley, CA. While it wasn’t one of the biggest cities in the bay area, it was still a very populated city where practically the entire landscape is made up of buildings, streets, parks, and a rolling landscape that backs into the Berkeley Hills. There are a ton of trees planted everywhere in my neighborhood, and it promoted the liveliness of a ton of wildlife in the area. For me, it was perfect, I loved the area. That is, until the fall and winter came.    

The weather in the bay area becomes cold and rainy, and all of the rodents that would be living outside started trying to get inside my house where it was dry and warm. Rather than invest in hiring a rodent control professional or set up mice and rat traps myself, instead, I adopted Sprinkles the cat.

sprinkles the rodent killer

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What To Do – My Cat’s Throwing Up Hairballs!

Toby, my precious cat was very particular about grooming itself; the latter course of action did much more than continuing to keep Toby to appear superior.

Not only had it maintained wholesomeness in its skin (by motivating the creation of sebum) but had served to make its fur oily, water-resistant and glossy. My Toby had its personal grooming habit, which commenced with stroking itself with its tongue, cheek, and body hair in that order; it was pursued by every one of its shoulders and forelegs. Toby would subsequently bathe both of its sides and rear legs, the private parts, and after that, it’s appendage from end to stern.

my cat toby

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A Cat’s Quest For Water

cats fresh water

cats fresh water

I hear the sound in the middle of the night and I know what it is. My cat has just knocked over a half-full glass of water that I had mistakenly left on the coffee table and now everything that had been surrounding it is wet. I can hear her drinking the spillage, greedily, as if other animals were about to steal it from her. I sigh, but I have to use the bathroom so I opt for that over cleaning up the mess I knew the cat had just created.

cat hiding

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The Obsession with Cats

If you haven’t noticed in today’s day and age, cats have been very popular. I’ve seen the popularity jump up when I was in middle school. I remember seeing one day, five different people in five different locations wearing the same cat shirt. I always thought large shirts with cats on them was simply a fad. Fads are common for middle school kids to become obsessed with. Perception is a big thing for middle schoolers. If you aren’t in with the “cool” crowd than your basically a no body. Sometimes kids have a difficult time dealing with certain crowds and cliques. In  middle school and high school, many times kids have a tough time dealing with kids that think their cooler or better. Going to school should never be a competition, where kids feel nervous or scared of dealing with kids.

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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

Five Life Lessons I Learned from My Cat

When someone gets their first pet, cat or dog or whatever else, it’s a test of sorts. An exercise in responsibility. Can you take care of another living thing? Can you clean up after it? Even if, say, it pukes all over your couch and you only notice once you’re heading out the door, late to a shift? Sadly, I’m speaking from experience on that one. Ah, cat puke, the best way to start your day.

cat puke on the sofa

At least it wasn’t my bed. Though I’ve probably gone and jinxed myself by putting that out into the universe.

Cats really are a learning experience, both in the mopping-puke-off-your-couch way and in other, less tangible ways. There’s a lot that they can teach us with their particular style of living. I’m going to attempt to avoid anything too sappy for everyone’s sanity, but please forgive me if I do venture into nauseating territory. I have a big soft spot for the crazy little furballs.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Kitty Happy

Growing up, I had plenty of experience with cats. My family had three. Oreo, a tiny kitten when we got her, the runt, was “my” cat. By that I mean my parents did all of the work required to take care of her, and I dangled toys in front of her face and occasionally fed her. It was the agreement, though, that she was “mine”, not my brother’s, and I wanted my family to know it.

oreo cat cattanzu

I picked her out, didn’t I? I played with her. She loved me best (that one was debatable but I liked to believe it).

I was an eight-year-old kid. I didn’t know anything about what owning a kitten was really like. Shoveling poop out of a box? Nah, I’ll let my parents do that. She was a cute little fluffball, and that was all I cared about.

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The Kitty God of Thunder!

orange kitten hidingWe had named her before we even met her. We knew we wanted a kitten and we knew we would name her God of Thunder. The idea that a cute kitten would walk around any corner of the house to the heavy beat of the Kiss song of the same name was too adorable not to realize. We rescued her when she was a mere 6 weeks old after she won us over by being the only kitten in the litter who physically walked over to meet us. Not only walked over, but actually hopped over a retaining wall that separated our yard from the neighbors. Now, the God of Thunder has blossomed into a healthy 13 year-old tabby, who is extremely ornery, has an aversion to kids and oddly loves dates. But the first day, that’s the day I will always remember, a day that God of Thunder showed me the havoc one little kitten could wreak.

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All About the Furry Feline Snuggles

Feeling deep distress at the loss of a dearly loved pet is an exceptionally individual experience. Many of you may be astonished at the intensity of hurting and grief you undergo each time you think about your expired pet………… Yeah! Snuggle, my dear boy expired one year back at the age of ten years and today I am standing alongside its burial chamber sobbing incalculably……..I miss my dear cat!

what a cute cat

As stated by the Vet, the cause of its death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy…………I don’t believe it……………………………….Snuggles was so healthy and used to have regular checkups……………………………

You see! Misery can’t be made public because each one conducts it on his/her own.

Do you know why I named it Snugglecat love

Well! When I bought it from one of my friends, it was a delightful kitty cat hardly a few months old; but it would readily move itself into an affectionate and relaxed position by surrounding its forelimbs around my neck…………for that reason I named it Snuggle. As far as I was concerned, coaching a kitten proved a lot undemanding for me than training a grown-up cat. Important information was that, I found it tough to coach Snuggle to build up decent and upright practices.

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Cleaning Up After Cats

All cats, like all people, shed skin cells naturally, and these are usually washed away when bathing, or in the case of cats, naturally work their way out of the coat as part of shedding and the rigorous grooming routines that most cats follow.

orange kitty

Seeing the odd flake of dandruff on the surface of your cat’s fur is not cause for concern, and when you part your cat’s fur down to the skin, you may identify the presence of tiny white skin cells that have not yet worked their way out of the coat.

This is one indicator of problem dandruff, and another is seeing significant amounts of dandruff present on the surface of the fur, or within the tines of a brush or comb used for grooming. Dandruff, and exactly how much of it is present, is much easier to spot on dark coloured cats than light ones, and so if you have a light coloured cat, try brushing them and then holding the resulting cluster of hair up to the light to identify the quantity of flakes within it.

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Safari Expedition

Following my first year of college, as a family, we had decided to take our first expedition out of the country and go on a safari tour of the sub Sahara desert in Africa. During this expedition, our goal was to see some big cats and hopefully catch sight of some in the midst of a hunt. My mother and father had not been domestic cat fans in their life, but they certainly had an admiration for the big cats of Africa. After watching a lot of Planet Earth after I left for college, they seemed to really want to see some cats on the hunt, and so we traveled to Africa and commenced on our expedition.

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Mermaid the Cat

I began my love affair with cats of all types when I moved out of my parents dog filled house into an apartment complex with my friends for my first year of college. I was attending a state university in my local city, but I wanted to get out of the house and start the full college experience by experiencing the real world for myself. I moved in with a couple of my friends from high school and we soon began to meet a couple of the local residents in the apartment complex. This was my first time living in an apartment and was used to the suburban lifestyle of individual housing where I could ignore my neighbors at my choosing. Once I began getting used to living in the apartment, I realized that I was in the presence of more than just people.

The first few weeks of school, I had decided to ride back to my apartment on a bicycle. Leaving and arriving at the complex, I had started to become more personal and familiar with the people and the animals that roamed the property. I would occasionally say hello to the people hanging out outside with their dogs and walk up and pet the cats and the canines around. After making my greeting with some of the more friendly cats around the complex, there was one small cat in particular that seemed to be the friendliest of them all. Her name was Mermaid, and it seemed like everyday I would arrive home from school, she would be perched up somewhere near the garden of my apartment, and as soon as she would catch sight of me, she would prance toward me and rub her body up against my leg. She was the cutest cat that I have ever seen, with hazel eyes, an orange coat , and a white belly, she was truly a beautiful kitty. So, whenever she approached me with love, I returned the affection to her.

orange kitty    

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